The History of Ekbäcken Stud

The stud was founded in 1972 by my late husband Gösta and me. We bred some Shetland ponies and Swedish Warmblood.
We bought our first welsh mountain pony in 1972 from the Egetofte Stud in Denmark.
It was Egetofte Sunflower (Belvoir Dandelion x Gwyndyuscha Shan) borne 1969. She was in foal to Twyford Tomboy
(Twyford Grenadier x Pendock Toscanine). The foal we got was Ekbäckens Moonbeam and he became our first stud stallion.
We bought some more mares from Egetofte and the most successful of these were Ceulan Madam Butterfly
(Pendock Puccini x Gwen Tafarn Jem). She left some really good stallions and the best of them were Ekbäckens Krumelur by Ekbäckens Moonbeam. In 1978 we bought Twyford Seed (Rowfant Sepoy x Twyford Sunflower) from
Mrs A M Mountain, Twyford Stud, Sussex
. Seed was our piece of luck and she became our foundation mare.
Alison Mountain also became my mentor and a very good friend and I have been back for more breeding material from Twyford. Seed has left us many good daughters and also some good stallions.

The first years we used Ekbäckens Moonbeam and then we bought Twyford My Man (Twyford Teme x Twyford Moonbeam) and both these stallions clicked with Seed and her daughters. Moonbeam and My Man both got Elite premium.
They were at the time the only stallions with this premium grade.

In 2000 we bought Heniarth Mr Milligan (Roseisle Pandutudyr x Sunwillow Mutters) and he was an outcross that suited our breeding very well. Our friendship with Meirion Davies and Richard Miller from the Heniarth Stud resulted in Mr Milligan going back to Wales for two years for breeding and showing and he was very successful in both roles.
As a substitute for Mr Milligan we got Heniarth Yarra-Glen (Nerwyn Cadno x Sunwillow Yasmin) for two years and he left
very good off spring both at our stud and at other studs.

Some of the ponies at the stud compete in dressage, show jumping and eventing successfully.

After my husbands death in 1999 I managed the farm and the stud on my own till 2005 when my son Johan moved to the farm
and built new stables and riding hall. He has a small breeding of warmblood and he brakes horses to ride and show them and ride them at tests.
He also have pupils and give private lessons in show jumping.

There are about 15 welsh mountain ponies at the stud and we have 3 to 5 foals every year. We have three welsh mountain
stallions at the moment – Heniarth Mr Milligan, Vardra Santos and Ekbäckens Juggler.

I have been very much involved in the Swedish Welsh Pony & Cob Society over the years and I am doing a Swedish Welsh Pony Year Book since 1993. I have many contacts abroad and that have given me a lot of pleasure and many friends all over the world.

The stud is situated outside the little town Valdemarsvik on the east side of Sweden on the Baltic and we are about 250 km
south of Stockholm.

Visitors are always welcome!

Ekbäcken in September 2008 

Inger Becker

If you want to know more about the breeding of our ponies and see what they
look like you can look on the pages in Swedish on this website (linked below).
You are also welcome to contact me.

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